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  • July 18, 2018

    "If one day, they took our radio station away from us,

    closed the newspaper or didn't let us speak;

    if they killed off all of our priests and the bishop too,

    then each one of you would have to be a microphone for God.

    Each one of you would have to be a messenger, a prophet.

    I think the time has come for each one of us to lend our voice

    so that together we can be a prophetic people for peace and nonviolence.

    We all have to become microphones for the God of peace and nonviolence.

    We are responsible before the world for holding aloft

    the banner of God's truth and of God's divine justice."

    ~ Oscar Romero

    Spoken in 1980 weeks, before he was killed, Archbishop Oscar Romero of San Salvador calls the people to action against powers that are corrupt and unjust.

    Archbishop Romero was known, and by some reviled, for his demands for justice for the poor and marginalized.

    Romero's life was built on the teachings of Jesus Christ and he stood for the truth of the Gospel, and was a defender and advocate of the weak and the vulnerable.

    Although spoken decades ago, these words are relevant to our lives today. So much seems to be getting taken from us: freedom of speech, honesty from our leaders, compassion for the poor, welcome for the stranger, and even the ideals of democracy are under assault.

    We must not be silenced, nor let the truth of God be silenced. We must be the microphones for God speaking out for justice, for integrity and for truth.

    In his last homily, one minute before he was assassinated at the altar Romero said this,

    "It's important not to love ourselves so much that we're not willing to take the risks that history demands of us."

    History demands that we take risks and stand up for the ideals of democracy.

    History also demands that we stand most firmly for God's truth; that we are all God's children and that all should are worthy of love, respect, dignity and compassion.

    Romans 12 reminds, in a passage entitled Marks of the True Christian -

    "Let love be genuine;

    hate what is evil,

    hold fast to what is good;

    love one another with mutual affection;

    outdo one another in showing honor.

    Do not lag in zeal,

    be ardent in spirit,

    serve the Lord.

    Rejoice in hope,

    be patient in suffering,

    persevere in prayer.

    Contribute to the needs of the saints;

    extend hospitality to strangers.........

    Do not be overcome by evil,

    but overcome evil with good."

    Blessings and peace,

    Pastor Gillian

  • Prayer Points

    Prayers are requested for our mission partners in Cuba, pastors Ary and Beidy and the congregation of Central Presbyterian Church in Matanzas.

    As they go through this difficult time, we ask for special prayers for the loved ones of Ann DePelecyn, Beth Elzinga, Ollie Hopkins and Mia Guion.

    Please pray for Nancy Tobias, Ed Hunt, Shelley Lawrence, Darrell Sutton, Ed Lehmann, Annette Anderson, David Perkins, Mary Jane Johnston, Larry & Ellen Cardwell, Pastor Gillian.

    Healing prayers for Autumn Eifert—granddaughter of Bev Eifert, Lucy Ritgers—granddaughter of Dave & Gayle Titus, Dave Menefee—brother of Patt Reitsma, Ron Reitsma—brother of John Reitsma, Mary Larscheidt—sister of Carrie Massey, Lucille Von Rotz —mother of Diane Lehmann.

    Prayers for our military—Mary Workman, Jordan Smith, Chad Lawrence, Lt. Col Jay Brooke, Kyle Sondergaard.

    And healing prayers for Ben Johnston-Krase and Ethan, Lt. Col. Matt Brooke —Army, Retired, and all those people going through rough times—whether emotionally, physically or spiritually.

    Prayers are offered for our world, and for its security, peace and for a brighter future.

  • Deuteronomy 31:8

    The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.