Family Drawing Together

This is a fun (i.e., silly) activity to do as a family.  Each person draws a different part of the character.  Once you create yours, take a photo of your creation and email it to office@firstpresracine.org,

so we can share it with everyone!


Friendship Bracelet

Making a friendship bracelet for others tells them that you care about them. It is also fun to do!

We are sharing videos of simple crafts for you to work on.  We hope they provide you with some fun times together as a family. And always remember that God is with you every second of every day!

Instructions for both types of bracelets are in the videos. We have included enough yarn for you to make 2 friendship bracelets.  

The only supplies you will need is either a piece of tape for the one video or a piece of cardboard (you can cut it from a cereal box) if you select the video for making the bracelet with a loom and a pair of scissors (use with adult supervision please).