Our Church Officers

The current officers  of First Presbyterian Church of Racine are as follows:

  • Session Elders

    Elders are responsible for oversight of congregational life in all its many forms.  Each elder is asked to serve on one of the following committees: Buildings and Grounds,Christian Education, Finance and Stewardship, and Outreach and Worship, These committees seek to advance the mission and ministry of First Presbyterian and to discern where God is leading us at this time in our congregational life.

    Class of 2019

    Georgia Herrera

    Nicole Higgs

    Linda Schubert

    Pam Wortley

    Class of 2020

    John Brooke

    Steve Simpson

    Georgia Hall

    Karin Roach

    Class of 2021

    Bev Eifert

    Kate Gleason

    Jenny Humphrey

    Lissy Blandford

    Youth Elder:  Ben Wahlen

    Clerk of Session

    Kate Gleason

  • Board of Deacons

    Deacons are committed to the pastoral care of the congregation and of reaching out to the wider community.  Their work includes coordinating Christmas Food Baskets to be delivered to the less fortunate in our community, the service of Home Communion, arranging our annual picnic and contribution to the various ministries here at First Presbyterian.

    Class of 2019

    Dana Griffith

    Mary Bernstein

    Ellen Myers

    Debbie Yale

    Class of 2020

    Pat Badger

    Mary Lou Schuler

    Larry Dickerson

    Dennis Reeser

    Class of 2021

    Denise Park

    Tammy LaMarr

    Ellen Easley

    LuAnn Hansen

    Youth Deacon:  To be determined

    Deacon Moderator

    Debbie Yale

  • Foundation Board


    Class of 2019

    Mary Eastman

    Class of 2020

    Betsy Walton

    Class of 2021

    Under review

    Foundation Board members-at-large are elected by the congregation to serve a four-year term. This board also includes representatives from Session and the Deacon Board, elected by their respective boards.