Music & More Donations

Donations to support the Music & More program are accepted year-round and

can be mailed to the church office at 716 College Avenue, Racine, WI 53403.

Your donations can be made "in honor" or "in memory" of someone, or to mark

a special occasion.  Make your check out to First Presbyterian Church, 

for Music & More. You can also make an on-line donation

by clicking here for our safe and easy way to give via PayPal.  

Please select Music & More from the dropdown list. 

2023 Donations:

Platinum Level $1,000 and above

Anonymous, in honor of Mia Guion

David R. Beach

William Guenther

Ed & Camille Jensen-Guion, Mia Guion Youth Music Scholarship Fund

Racine Arts Council

Lois Solberg

Wisconsin Arts Board


Sustainers $500-$999

Anonymous Fund – Racine Community Foundation

Frances Bedford

Royce & Barbara Earnest, in memory of Bill Little

Georgia & Jim Hall, in memory of Trudy Gibson

Janet Kuhl

Kay Mahl


Patrons $301-$499

Joyce Firebaugh, in memory of Morris Firebaugh


Sponsors $300

Bill Anderson, in honor of Mac & Marilyn MacCaughey and the Anderson children

Patricia Badger, in memory of Adrianne Paffrath

Moreau & Marilyn MacCaughey

Dave & Cathy Perkins, in memory of loved ones

Lisa Scott Ptacek, in memory of Emily Papara

Nancy Wheeler


Corporate Sponsors $300

Johnson Financial Group


Supporters $100-$299

Monte Bedford

Larry & Linda Berger

Boinski Family

Dan Blake, Mearl Mahl Youth Music Scholarship Fund

Betty Brenneman, in honor of Robert Mendenhall

John & Linnea Brooke

Nancy Buck, in memory of Gerald Buck

Nancy Case, in loving memory of Steve Case

Juanita & Armin Clobes, in memory of Dr. Little

James Cook

Dorothy Davies, in memory of Mayor N. Owen Davies

Nancy DeKraay, in memory of Warren DeKraay MD

Barbara DeWitt

Janet DiMarco

Jim & Bonnie Eastman

Lynnette Ernst, in memory of Margaret Seater

Larry & Joyce Gregg

Bill & Blanche Gunderson

Georgia Herrera & Jeff Leavell

Bob & Jane Holroyd

Hot Shop Glass – Daniel Sviland & Amanda Paffrath

Curt & Barbara Hubmann, Mearl Mahl Youth Music Scholarship Fund

Laurie Johnson

Ruth Bradford Johnson & Wayne Johnson, in honor of Lynn Orlando &

Anna Kojovic-Frodl, with gratitude for healing music at OBUUC

Mary Josten

Knight Barry Title Group

Lawrence & Barbara Lange, Mia Guion Youth Music Scholarship Fund

Judy Larson, in memory of Margaret Wernecke

Anne Lasch

Alfonso Locke

John Stutt & Dena Lieberman

Maresh-Meredith Funeral Home

Beverly Mather

Emily Papara

Tom & Peggy Pulda, in memory of William Little MD

John & Susan Ramagli

Paul & Nancy Repp, Mia Guion Youth Music Scholarship Fund &

in memory of William Little MD

Jerry & Nancy Ritter, Mearl Mahl Fund in honor of Dave & Ellen Easley’s birthdays

Judy Rowland, in memory of Dave Rowland

Beth Shelton, in memory of parents Winfield & Nevil Holmes

Gail & Warner Slaughter, in honor of First Presbyterian Church’s

184 years of ministry

James & Michelle O’Reilly Small, Mia Guion Youth Music Scholarship Fund

Harold & Lois Solberg, in memory of Marianne Adelt

Bill & Melody Streeter

Barb Tylenda, in memory of William Little MD

Mike & Betsy Walton, Mia Guion Youth Music Scholarship Fund

Gillian Weighton, in honor of Jim & Georgia Hall

James & Carla Wilks


Friends $1-$99


Bob & Arliss Albrecht, in honor of Sharon Adel

Susan Allen

Elaine Azuma

Jackie Brisko

Carl & Andrea Bumpurs

Dave & Sue Cawley, in honor of Dave & Ellen Easley’s birthdays

Susan Childers

Pete & Rose Christensen, in honor of Dave & Ellen Easley’s  birthdays

Judith Clary

Aleksander Cukic, Mia Guion Youth Music Scholarship Fund

Natalie Cycenes

Helen Eckheart, in memory of Rev. Fred & Jewel Marks

Frank Egerton

Lois Ellison

Martha Fergus

Kate Gleason

Russell & Mary Ann Grady

Darice Griffin

Jim & Georgia Hall, in honor of Dave & Ellen Easley’s birthdays

Sandy Hawley

Dave & Ginny Holle

Randy & Patricia Holub

Lorraine Huff

Donald & Linda Jacobson

Robert & Mary Johnson

Wendy Killberg, in memory of JoAnn & John Weibel

Gregory Mason, in memory of Sue Seitz

Jeff & Shelley Maurer, with gratitude for Jim & Georgia Hall and Pastor Darren

Cathy McDowell

Catherine Meyer, Randy Bush Youth Music Scholarship Fund

Patricia Mike

Vera Olguin, with gratitude for Martha Fergus

Muffy Petrick, in memory of Helen & Ken Norman

Dennis & Nancy Reeser

Quin Rench

Theresa Revis

Lucy Samessian

Donna Schreil

Vic & Linda Schubert

Terri Seitz

Vivian Shufelt

Rosemary Stehlik

Carol Steinle

Frank Sterbin

Barb Stevenson

Peggy Taylor

Dave Titus

Rita Tomkiewicz

Karen Verbeten, in memory of Sally Keppler

John & Pam Wagner, Mia Guion Youth Music Scholarship Fund

Jim & Cherry Wardrip

Fred Wheary

Marybeth Zuhlke


In Kind

Choral Arts Society

Racine Symphony Orchestra