As stated on our "Mission and Vision" page,

we believe we are to bear witness to God in

the world.  We are to represent God's healing

presence in our community.   We are to build

caring connections both within our congregation

and the larger community.  We are called to

inspire this through worship, music and opportunities

for learning.  Additionally, one of our very strong

beliefs is that WE are the eyes, the hands,

and the feet of Christ in the world today.

WE are to reach out to others locally and --

in our church, in our city, in our state and

in the WORLD.  To that end we offer mission

opportunities for adults and young adults. 

On this page we will feature those

opportunities in various mediums.


Sharing ourselves

  • First Pres Food Pantry

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  • Julian Thomas School Partnership

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  • Cuban Partnership

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