The Organ

The church's original organ was purchased in 1886.  Our current organ was gifted to First Presbyterian by Helen Converse Johnson, dedicated in November 3, 1935, in memory of her husband, Herbert Fisk Johnson.

The Chandelier

Our beautiful chandelier, located in the sanctuary, was presented as a memorial gift in 1914.  There are forty-eight bulbs and to change them, the chandelier had to be lowered from the ceiling. We recently had work done on the ceiling and at that time, LED bulbs were put in place to last many years.

Other Surprises?

Where can you see—the top hat and silver tipped cane of the renowned architect of our church, Lucas Bradley?  Excerpts from an 1891 letter written by Underground Railroad participant and early church member, Sylvester Peck?  Artifacts found in the crawl space under the sanctuary? Articles about our church ministers and music leaders?


When Rev. Howard E Stanton, who served the church from 1969 to 1986, arrived at First Presbyterian Church, he quickly became aware of the rich history at First Presbyterian. He saw the need for a room where the history could be documented and showcased.  Thus, the Memorabilia/Stanton Room located, on the east side of the building off the sanctuary, was created.