Visit from Pastors Ary and Beidy

The Cuban Pastors spent a very busy week with us at First Presbyterian.  Pastor Beidy spent her first weekend at the Presbyterian Women’s Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, before joining us at First.  Pastor Beidy had only great reports to share about her experience.  The week of activity with both Pastors Ary and Beidy was filled with lots of joy and excitement.  Session and Deacons began the week with a very informal roundtable discussion about how we all came to First Presbyterian Church.  We all shared some of our stories with the Pastors and it was very personal and enriching.  The week was busy, commencing with Worship, and a Serbian picnic as the kick-off activities with Pastor Ary.  The week then continued with a tailgate and baseball game, shared meals, shopping, Music and More, and many prayers for the future of the Mission.

Georgia Herrera,

Mission Committee Chair