In the fall of 2019, we reinstituted our Youth Acolyte Program.  We began with six young people from the church.   The age requirement for an Acolyte is 10.  One of the young people was 9 and still wanted to participate.  So he became a bell ringer. (EVERYONE LOVES RINGING THE BELL!). 

The Ushers of the church provide the training for this program.  Upon completion of the training, the children become a part of the Worship Team!  That team includes the pastor, choirs, musicians, liturgists, ushers, acolytes, - and church bell ringers.  This is a big step for our youth in the beginning of their leadership in the Church.

The candles are lit at the beginning of the service and extinguished at the end.  The lighting of the candles is a signal to all of us to prepare our hearts and minds to worship God.  It is an awesome responsibility.  The children are taught to approach the worship time with joy and reverence and to lead the congregation to do the same.   Just as many others have served in this capacity over the history of this church, they join the roll of acolytes in service to God.

In the winter of 2019, several of the creative sewers in the congregation made stoles for the Acolytes to wear.  There are several colors of stoles, matching the liturgical season of the year.