Daily Devotions

We know we cannot always choose the challenges that come. But as Christians, we also know that we can choose to meet the challenges with faith, hope, courage, and imagination. The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us, to say the least. We have met and continue to meet this challenge, and, in the process, we discover new ways of being the church.

One of the ways we are doing things a bit differently is with our devotions. Before COVID we had the weekly evotional and the monthly newsletter which included thoughtful and encouraging words from the pastors. When confronted with COVID enforced isolation, we made poems available every day to lift our spirits. During Advent and Christmas, we offered daily devotions on our church website and emailed directly to you.

Now we are prepared to offer something different for our daily devotions. We are offering links to the following sites that offer excellent devotional materials. Links to these devotional sites will be posted on our church website. You may also choose one or more sites and start your own subscription.

  • d365.org

    This site offers a guided reflection on a reading for each day inviting participants to go deeply into the daily reading with reflection, prayer, and the challenge to act on what one has learned.  Free

  • Pilotingfaith.org

    This is the almost daily blog by Cameron Trimble, the author of “Piloting Faith” and co-founder of Convergence, which is the consulting group we worked in 2019 to identify our vision, mission, and our four initiatives (mission, music and art, building community, and Christian formation).  Free

  • Presbyterian Outlook Lenten Series

    Throughout the season of Lent, you will be invited to pray with one passage from Scripture each day and prompted to reflect on what it discloses to you about movement toward God and movement away from God in your life. These devotions written by Roger Gench, Presbyterian pastor and author, will guide you in this daily practice of praying with Scripture.  $20